Are you a women looking to create a life of your own making? Do you want to be surrounded by other incredible women who will inspire and support you to Be The Impossible?

Online Courses Valued at $10000

As a member of the Dynasty you will be given FREE access to a new online course every 2 months.  With new courses being added continually you get to choose which course you want to start at any time. Courses include Goal Setting, Be The Impossible, Nuts & Bolts of Business and more. Every individual course tackles a different aspect of life and business that is necessary to Be The Impossible and create the life you really dream about having.

With over $5000 worth of value every 12 months you are guaranteed to optimize your life.

Introduction Kit

On joining Be The Impossible Dynasty you will be given an introductory kit that will help you navigate the journey to an exceptional life.   This kit will a personal Step by Step guide by Caroline on how she has created such a fulfilled life with successful results across all aspects of her business.  Caroline is passionate that finding a balance between personal well-being and career is not only achievable but also necessary. 

The Introductory Kit will include the personal steps and tips that Caroline has used.

Private Facebook Groups

You are never alone!  For many women, even those with families and in relationships, there is often a sense of loneliness.  It is hard for anyone other than other women with shared experiences to understand the many responsibilities, unreasonable guilt and self-limiting beliefs carried by so many women.

The Dynasty Facebook Group is a private group just for members which ensures you are never alone again. You will receive support directly from Caroline, her team and the other members of your new Dynasty.

You can also access the many other FREE groups including Maximizing Your Life By Minimizing Your Drinking and the Be The Impossible Creator.

Live Coaching by Caroline

As a member of the Dynasty you will have access to a free Live Coaching call with Caroline twice every month.   While the calls will have general topics each time, there is much flexibility to ask any burning questions you may have.  

In these calls you will have direct access to Caroline and her honest and authentic approach to life.

Must have E-Books/ Worksheets/ Tips

You will have full access to all resources created for the Dynasty.  These will include general life tips to specific resources and worksheets to deal with a wide range of topics.  
And if there is something you want to learn more about Caroline is more than happy to create the perfect resources to conquer your goals.

Copy of my Book – Empowered Women Empowering the World

Caroline has recently co-authored a book with 14 other incredible women.  These women share their experience of overcoming adversity to create a life of empowerment and inspiration.

You will receive your own copy of the book value at $24.99, personally signed by Caroline.

Caroline has faced almost every obstacle that life can throw at a person. 

• From addiction to Australian Athlete.

• From workplace bullying to successful Mumpreneur

• From self-hatred to empowered Woman

• From party animal to role model Mum

• From suicidal to mental health Advocate

Caroline knows life is hard but she will inspire you with hope that no matter what life throws at you there is a way through. 

A woman who wants more out of life but has struggled with low self-belief. Or maybe you have the self-belief but not the resources and strategies. If you are an exceptional women who knows deep down that you deserve more then you need to be part of our Dynasty.

“Since working with Caroline at Epic Pro Fitness not only has my fitness improved, but I’ve lost weight, can do “proper” pushups for the first time in my life and am actually enjoying exercising! The best thing about working out with Caroline is that I feel welcomed, unjudged and listened to.There’s a great sense of belonging that happens at Epic Pro Fitness and it’s lovely “

-Narelle P.

“I found the experience of being personally coached by Caroline both rewarding and challenging, and that it resulted in some major life style shifts, and in doing so improved by health and wellbeing.I met Caroline about 12 months ago, and what impressed me most about her was her own commitment to achieving and maintaining a healthy and balanced approach, whilst still challenging herself to achieve the goals she wanted.I basically wanted what she was having!! The first time we met for a coaching session I immediately felt safe and comfortable in the space she provided for me, so I was able to be open about the personal challenges I have experienced, and why I wanted to find a more enjoyable way to live my life, physically, emotionally, and spritiually. I wanted to try new modalities of exercise, without falling into the trap of old patterns, and Caroline began to challenge me to find the balance I was longing for in all aspects of my life.The journey never ends and Caroline has offered so much more than I had hoped for, and I look forward to more challenging and stimulating coaching with her. Thanks to Caroline I now have the confidence to re-enter the workforce, and I look forward to many more goals want to work on. “

– Kim Wiles

While there is no denying that the $$ Value given exceeds the cost of membership, it is Caroline’s underlying belief that the true value is the transformation you will gain by being part of this Dynasty.

To BE THE IMPOSSIBLE is truly priceless.

Are you frustrated and unfulfilled? If you wish you life had more adventure, more excitement, more success and more self belief then you really need to join today. We are looking for women who are committed to changing and improving theirs lives. Women who want to Empower other Women. Women who no longer want to be defined by societies rules or others opinions. Women who want to take care of their life and create a life that they have always dreamed about.