The Mindfit Kids Academy


This story based program will take your child on a journey to learn the basic fundamentals of how the mind works, and how we can use it to be the best humans we can be. Building resilience, overcoming fears and conquering anxiety. We create grounded, resilient, well-adjusted children reach their full potential to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Personal development made easy and digestible for children of all ages.

There are 5 levels
Bronze- Mind Mastery
Silver – You Mastery
Gold – Self Mastery
Emerald – Dream Mastery

Diamond – Mastering you Fears

With 5-7 stories within each level and some bonuses. Collect the medallions at the end of each story. Cut them out and keep them to be put on you end of level certificate.
Each level needs to be passed before continuing onto the next, with a quick quiz and a certificate of achievement.

Once your MindFit Kid has achieved all 5 levels they will receive a prize from us in the mail.

VALUE GUARANTEE: If after 14days you feel you haven’t got value from our online course – We will give you a full refund.

The price for membership is $497.00 now.



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