“I found the experience of being personally coached by Caroline both rewarding and challenging, and that it resulted in some major life style shifts, and in doing so improved by health and wellbeing.I met Caroline about 12 months ago, and what impressed me most about her was her own commitment to achieving and maintaining a healthy and balanced approach, whilst still challenging herself to achieve the goals she wanted.I basically wanted what she was having!! The first time we met for a coaching session I immediately felt safe and comfortable in the space she provided for me, so I was able to be open about the personal challenges I have experienced, and why I wanted to find a more enjoyable way to live my life, physically, emotionally, and spritiually. I wanted to try new modalities of exercise, without falling into the trap of old patterns, and Caroline began to challenge me to find the balance I was longing for in all aspects of my life.The journey never ends and Caroline has offered so much more than I had hoped for, and I look forward to more challenging and stimulating coaching with her. Thanks to Caroline I now have the confidence to re-enter the workforce, and I look forward to many more goals want to work on. “

– Kim Wiles

I started working with Caroling at a time in my life where I was coming across a lot of stumbling blocks. Caroline’s nurturing and inspiring approach allows a great mentoring relationship. I have been working with Caroline’s program in relation to goals and fitness. Caroline’s unique program is one that I found very easy to work with and that made perfect sense to me for where I was at. Caroline is patient, kind, understanding and works with where you are at any time of your life. The tools and skills that are imparted are ones that can be reflected upon at any time. There are a lot of self-development/self-help whatever online courses out there and so much to choose from. What is different and unique about Carolyn is her experience, her intuitive approach, passion for mental health and connection to community.

-Sonia Muraca

A fun approach to fitness. Caroline encourages and guides each person to achieve their goals. The classes are always fun as Caroline and her fitness family are an easy going bunch who love a laugh and a coffee together at the end.

-Stacey Scicluna